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Climate Change

of the Holmes River, British Columbia, Canada.
Aerial view of the Holmes River, British Columbia, Canada. © Shane Kalyn

The Canadian Climate Advantage

Canada’s vast natural landscape offers huge potential to cut harmful emissions and spark economic recovery. Combined with cutting fossil-fuel use, boosting energy efficiency and accelerating clean-energy innovation, Natural Climate Solutions offer powerful and cost-effective ways to tackle the climate crisis.

More Research

  • Natural Climate Solutions

    Research by our global affiliate and 15 other institutions demonstrates that nature-based solutions provide up to 37 percent of the emission reductions needed by 2030 to keep global temperature increases under 2 degrees celsius. Read more about the study.

  • Natural Climate Solutions for the United States

    This study shows that if all 21 pathways were implemented to their full potential, they could prevent or sequester more than one-fifth of annual U.S. greenhouse gas pollution—the equivalent of removing the emissions from all U.S. cars and trucks. Read the more about the study.

As Natural United develops strategies for accelerating Natural Climate Solutions on the ground, our organization will work to support Indigenous governance, land-relationship planning, stewardship and economic development. In fact, Natural Climate Solutions align with many Indigenous priorities and values, for example, thriving ecosystems, healthy communities and sustainable economies. 

Nature United will use this science as a catalyst to advance those priorities.

Through meaningful collaboration, we can spur strong government action to introduce new policy incentives, uphold and invest in Indigenous rights and knowledge, and build economic solutions for industry.

Tyson Atleo Natural Climate Solutions Program Director

Nature United has a proven track record of building diverse partnerships to protect lands and waters and ensure nature is the foundation of healthy communities and economies.

In the early years, our efforts will create the conditions for accelerating Natural Climate Solutions—for example, supporting Indigenous authority and investing in Indigenous-led conservation, and introducing policy incentives to encourage new agriculture and forestry practices.

Nature United will also invest in projects on the ground that not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also create models for collaborative Natural Climate Solutions projects across Canada—building on our decade-long record of advancing conservation in Canada.


  • Managing Canada’s Forests in a Changing Climate

    Dr. Ronnie Drever, lead scientist on the study Natural Climate Solutions for Canada, joined a panel discussion examining how Canada's forest management regime can support and enhance climate change mitigation and adaptation during NYC Climate Week. Watch Recording

  • A Conversation About Natural Climate Solutions

    Environmental journalist and Nature United Board of Directors member Aliya Jasmine spoke with Natural Climate Solutions program director about the importance of nature in the fight to tackle climate change. Watch Recording

  • Nature’s Potential to Tackle Climate

    Amanda Reed will provide the core presentation. This will be followed by contributions from Maria Strack and Susan Cook-Patton and their remarks will focus on the main takeaways from their research and specific examples (i.e. pathways) they studied. Watch Recording

  • How can Canadian Industries Lead on Natural Climate Solutions?

    In this panel, Nature United and corporate leaders have an in-depth look at the science and outline how to prioritize investments in Natural Climate Solutions that will have maximum benefit for people and nature. Watch Recording

In the News

  • Countering climate change

    How natural solutions could mitigate 78 megatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 Read More

  • New study offers Canada natural solutions to combat climate change

    “This is really the first-ever comprehensive study of the role of nature in Canada in the fight against climate change,” said Ronnie Drever, co-lead author of the study and senior conservation scientist at Nature United. Read More

  • Natural climate solutions could offset 11 per cent of Canada’s emissions

    Study published in Science Advances finds protecting and restoring natural ecosystems, such as wetlands, forests and grasslands, could help Canada meet its climate goals Read More

  • 'Natural climate solutions' could help Canada meet emissions target

    "Natural climate solutions are relatively cost-effective ways to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions," said Amanda Reed, who co-ordinated the research for Nature United, the Canadian affiliate of The Nature Conservancy. Read More

  • Natural climate solutions scalable and deployable now, research shows

    In a study published in Science Advances, researches show the efficacy of natural climate solutions in combating climate change, identifying 24 such solutions related to the protection, management and restoration of natural systems. Read More

  • Nature can deliver immediate impact in climate crisis

    Peer-reviewed study shows Natural Climate Solutions can help Canada cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 78 megatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (Mt CO2e) annually in 2030. Read More

  • From extractive to regenerative

    Panellists across the country shared success stories during The Narwhal’s online event on the role of Canada’s natural landscapes in the fight against climate change. Read More

  • Canada pledges to stem biodiversity loss, ensure pandemic recovery is green

    “There’s a huge opportunity here,” said Amanda Reed, director of strategic partnerships for Nature United. Read More

Study Downloads

  • A summary of the June 2021 study published in Science Advances

    Study Overview


    An overview of the study, "Natural Climate Solutions for Canada."

  • Thumbnail of document with text and photos

    Key Findings Infographic


    An illustrated guide to the key findings identified in "Natural Climate Solutions for Canada."

  • A factsheet showing mitigation potential by province from June 2021 study published in Science Advances


    A provincial breakdown of mitigation opportunities identified in the study "Natural Climate Solutions for Canada"

  • Figure 1 showing mitigation potential by pathway from June 2021 study published in Science Advances

    Figure 1

    A bar graph from the study, "Natural Climate Solutions for Canada" showing the mitigation opportunities by pathway.


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Natural Climate Solutions Videos

What are Natural Climate Solutions? Watch a short video that explains how natural climate solutions work.
Emissions Graph How do we meet emissions goals to stabilize warming under 2°C by 2050?

Media Resources

  • Media Release

    Official statement on the publication of "Natural Climate Solutions for Canada" See Release

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British Columbia's 21-million-acre Great Bear Rainforest is the largest coastal temperate rainforest on Earth.
Humpback Whale British Columbia's 21-million-acre Great Bear Rainforest is the largest coastal temperate rainforest on Earth. © Jon McCormack

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