What We Do

Our Priorities

Working Toward A Future Where People and Nature Thrive

We unite partners in governments, industries, non-profits and communities to define new pathways towards a sustainable future. We invest in people to drive change at the scale and pace we need to address the greatest challenges we face. And what we do is informed by the best global science and supported by the leadership of the world’s largest conservation organization.

  • Innovating for Climate Change

    Global temperatures have sharply risen over the last century. Nature United is leading projects that will deliver groundbreaking, natural solutions to the world's biggest challenge. Explore

  • Conserving at Scale

    From forest to sea, we drive conservation at the greatest possible scale, irrespective of borders and designed to endure, for the future of people and nature. Explore

  • Investing in People

    We bring together communities, industries and governments to set a new course for sustainable resource use that supports nature, bolsters economies, and respects culture and values. Explore

Conservation is no longer just about acres protected; it must also involve working with local people to build sustainable economies—that’s what Nature United has been doing successfully in Canada for 10 years.

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United as Nature and People

Our vision is for a sustainable Canada where nature is the foundation of human well-being, prosperity and opportunity for future generations.