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Exploring the Outdoors Children from the Łutsël K’é Dene First Nation in the Northwest Territories enjoy a day exploring outdoors in their traditional territory. © Pat Kane

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We envision a Canada where people and nature thrive together.


Thinking about the future of nature in today's world can be overwhelming. The challenges we face, from unsustainable resource development to climate change, are complex and multi-layered. The opposing sides are fierce. And the stakes are high. It may seem impossible to build a future where nature and people thrive.

But it's not. Nature United brings together communities, governments, and other partners to find new pathways towards a sustainable future. It takes courage, patience, and a steadfast commitment to finding common ground. It takes decades of wisdom gained from successes and failures. It takes trust. It takes donors who see the power of a united approach.

Together, we can build a future for nature and people.

Membership Benefits

When you join Nature United, you will play a critical role in a global conservation mission. You'll enjoy membership benefits including:

The Power of Core Support

We’re looking for donors whose trust and investment will fuel our long-term mission, ability to scale, and commitment to the local communities that are at the heart of conservation. Gifts that include core support, meaning funds that can be targeted to our greatest areas of need without restriction, enable us to nimbly direct resources toward the greatest return on investment.

Our vision is for a Canada where people and nature thrive together.

Donating from the United States?

If you are based in the US, you can make a secure, online donation through our global affiliate at nature.org/canada.